Supply Chain & Operations

Reinventing Operations in Portugal

Pedro Caldeira, a specialist in the areas of Operations, Procurement & Supply Chain, explains the current panorama of Operations and how to increase productivity in the sector.
Digital & Technology

Leid Zejnilovic: "The future of education with Artificial Intelligence is simply incredible"

Pedro Oliveira, Dean of the Nova School of Business & Economics, and Leid Zejnilovic, PhD Professor in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship, came together in the third episode of the Futurecast podcast to discuss the future of education and Artificial Intelligence.
Leadership & People

Journaling: How expressing feelings can make us better people and professionals

Journaling can be a powerful tool for productivity and self-knowledge. Inês Morais, Integration Team Leader at Nova SBE, explains how to reap the benefits of this daily routine.
Digital & Technology

Those who don't use Artificial Intelligence tools will be left behind

Sandro Costa, Senior Graphic Designer at Nova SBE, explains how Artificial Intelligence tools are changing the landscape in design - and beyond - and how training is crucial to staying relevant in the market.

The advantages of lifelong learning

In a world of constant change, accompanied by the speed of developments in exponential technologies, constantly updating knowledge is important to remain well positioned professionally. Lifelong learning extends beyond formal education and must continue throughout life.
Innovation & Change

Reimagining open innovation

Alisson Avila, Head of Innovation at the Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem, explains how we can reimagine open innovation, taking into account the fundamental role of business schools.

On Our Way to the Top | Rankings 2023

What does it take to get to the top? Over the last few years we've discovered the answer - it takes hard work, determination, commitment and people. By discovering the formula, the climb becomes easier and the truth is that we are reaching the top of the global #rankings.

Innovation & Change

New SBE Executive Education | Futurecast | Episode 3

In the third episode of Nova School of Business & Economics' #Futurecast v odcast, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Professor at Nova SBE, and Emir Sirage, CEO and COO of AIR Centre, talk about Space as a potential business, an important source of information for several business areas, and an essential resource for the future.

Leadership & People

Nova SBE Executive Education | Futurecast | Episode 2

In the second episode of Nova SBE's "Futurecast" vodcast, Joana Pita Negrão, Director of People & Culture, and Pedro Brito, Associate Dean & CEO for Executive Education and Corporate Engagement, discussed the future of employability and the role of Business Schools in it.

Marketing & Sales

New SBE Executive Education | Futurecast | Episode 1

In this first episode, meet Tiago Melo, Nova SBE Alumni and current Global Marketing Director at L'oreal, and Chaterine da Silveira, Associate Dean for International Affairs and Partnerships at Nova SBE, and watch the debate on trends in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market.


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