Innovation & Change

Do you know what a business safari is? These "expeditions" can introduce you to new "species" of companies

The Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem has created a unique way to give participants the opportunity to broaden their horizons and get to know some of the best practices in the market. The "business safaris" promise to provide practical knowledge and facilitate networking.
Digital & Technology

From idea to reality: The Impact of 3D Printing on Hardware Product Development for Businesses

This article is part of Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab's annual cycle of reflection on technology, business and sustainability in the month dedicated to 3D printing, which will focus on the impact of 3D printing on business, society and the future. Join us on April 20 to discuss how 3D printing enables rapid prototyping.
Leadership & People

Mental Health at the Workplace: Let's Start Where it Starts

Ana Moniz, psychotherapist, Executive Coach, and Visiting Professor at Nova SBE, explains why mental health at work is an increasingly important topic and how stigma has kept the topic away from the reality of organizations for several decades.
Digital & Technology

Survive or Sink: The Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Age of Digital Business Transformation

Jorge Borges, Corporate & Partners Engagement at Nova SBE, explains how organizations need to reimagine their strategies to adapt to the new changes in the digital sphere.
Business & Strategy

Pedro Brito: There are limiting beliefs that prevent SMEs from growing

The third edition of the SME Barometer, a study carried out by PME Magazine, identifies limiting beliefs in Portuguese SMEs that prevent them from growing. The level of knowledge and training that the decision-makers of SMEs show to have is still very limited. SMEs' access to quality education is a critical factor for the competitiveness of companies.
Supply Chain & Operations

Sectors and markets that will grow the most in 2023

The global slowdown we will go through in 2023 will not affect all business sectors equally. Cr├ędito y Cauci├│n has published its detailed growth forecasts for 16 key sectors in 30 markets that allow us to identify which sectors will perform well in Europe, America and Asia.
Digital & Technology

Towards AI for a more sustainable future

This article will discuss how Artificial Intelligence can contribute to helping organizations reduce their ecological footprints and be more in line with a sustainable future. On the other hand, we will reflect on the impact of Artificial Intelligence itself on CO2 emissions.

The Death of the Raven | An immersive experience in partnership with the House of Neverless


Nova SBE Executive Masters | Your future starts here

Knowledge is light, let it light your path. Boost your career with Nova SBE's Executive Masters and get your diploma in just one year. Learn all about it here:

Yourfuture starts here!


Executive Masters & Postgraduate Studies | Kick-off

In a kick-off where there was no shortage of magic, we welcomed more recent participants of the Nova SBE Executive Education Post-Graduations, as well as the pioneers of the @novasbe Executive Masters! Welcome and thank you for continuing your #lifelonflearning journey with us ­čÖî

Marketing & Sales

Sales & Prospecting with Impact

Want to know how to differentiate yourself from the competition in the sales world? The Sales & Prospecting with Impact program is a program to accelerate your prospecting, so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Innovation & Change

Space for Business | The future goes far beyond the limits of our planet

Welcome to Space for Business - the first program in Europe focused on the economy and management of the space sector!Get to know this course created by Nova SBE, in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), and the universities St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands):

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