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Finance & Economics

Risks and bank's internal audit function: the challenges ahead

Samuel da Rocha Lopes, Principal Bank Sector Analyst at the European Banking Authority, explains what will change with banks' internal audit.
Leadership & People

Nadim Habib: "We need to build more adaptive, agile, and resilient organizations"

Given the fickleness of the world, we need leaders who are able to build resilient and adaptive organizations to deal with major changes. Nadim Habib, Professor at Nova SBE and international consultant in the areas of strategy, innovation, and creativity, is one of those who guarantee it. But can a good leader create "future-proof" companies?
Digital & Technology

ChatGPT in the business world: from experimentation to competitive advantage

Much has been said about how ChatGPT will change the labor market, but little about how it can be used to leverage business and create competitive advantages. Tiago Godinho, Head of the Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab, explains how this technology (and others) is being used in organizations and what the next steps are to reap its benefits.
Digital & Technology

The environmental impact of "dark data" & the urgency of digital decarbonization

Creating and storing data has an environmental impact. Jorge Borges, Team Leader for Go-to-Market Strategy at Nova SBE, explains why it is urgent to talk about dark data and digital decarbonization.
Digital & Technology

Ten Data and Analytics predictions we can make in 2023 (according to Gartner)

L├ęnia Mestrinho, Executive Director at the Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center, explains the main trends discussed at the annual conference "Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023".
Supply Chain & Operations

Ten actions for CPOs to overcome current challenges

Working in procurement has never been harder. From supply chain disruptions to rapid price increases and subsequent reductions in transportation rates, from an inflation-ravaged goods economy to social media pressures affecting sales, the job has definitely changed. And not always for the better.
Innovation & Change

New SBE Executive Education | Futurecast | Episode 3

In the third episode of Nova School of Business & Economics' #Futurecast v odcast, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Professor at Nova SBE, and Emir Sirage, CEO and COO of AIR Centre, talk about Space as a potential business, an important source of information for several business areas, and an essential resource for the future.

Leadership & People

Nova SBE Executive Education | Futurecast | Episode 2

In the second episode of Nova SBE's "Futurecast" vodcast, Joana Pita Negrão, Director of People & Culture, and Pedro Brito, Associate Dean & CEO for Executive Education and Corporate Engagement, discussed the future of employability and the role of Business Schools in it.

Marketing & Sales

New SBE Executive Education | Futurecast | Episode 1

In this first episode, meet Tiago Melo, Nova SBE Alumni and current Global Marketing Director at L'oreal, and Chaterine da Silveira, Associate Dean for International Affairs and Partnerships at Nova SBE, and watch the debate on trends in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market.


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