Digital & Technology

Leid Zejnilovic: "The future of education with Artificial Intelligence is simply incredible"

Pedro Oliveira, Dean of the Nova School of Business & Economics, and Leid Zejnilovic, PhD Professor in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship, came together in the third episode of the Futurecast podcast to discuss the future of education and Artificial Intelligence.

The advantages of lifelong learning

In a world of constant change, accompanied by the speed of developments in exponential technologies, constantly updating knowledge is important to remain well positioned professionally. Lifelong learning extends beyond formal education and must continue throughout life.
Sustainable Business

Sustainability: Examples of greenwashing and deceptive marketing

"Sustainability" has long since become part of the consumer lexicon, and is even a priority for many. But with the growth of the "green" culture, examples of greenwashing have also multiplied in an attempt to attract a more environmentally conscious clientele. Learn how to spot them.
Finance & Economics

Why you should improve your financial literacy in 2024

Portugal is one of the European countries with the lowest financial literacy. Find out more about Nova SBE Executive Education's Finance & Economics offer.

Nova SBE consolidates leadership in Portugal and climbs in the ranking of the best European business schools

Nova SBE continues to establish itself as the best business school in Portugal, according to the new edition of the Financial Times ranking, and ranks 21st among the best schools in Europe. Nova SBE is also the only Portuguese school to make the TOP 25 in the three-year consolidated ranking, where it is ranked 24th.

Five reasons to invest in a master's degree

Investing in a master's degree is not just a commitment to education; it's an investment in personal and professional growth. Find out why it's essential to go beyond a degree these days.
Supply Chain & Operations

Decarbonization transforms raw material distribution chains

Climate commitments are changing global raw materials supply chains, due to the transition to a net zero emissions economy. A new McKinsey study, entitled "The net zero materials transition: implications for supply chains", examines the changes in the distribution chain.

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