"We are witnessing a transformation of leader's image. And, for the first time, we are seeing words like humility, vulnerability and involvement entering the vocabulary we associate with a good leader. Who guarantees this is Milton de Sousa, the Scientific Coordinator of the Servant Leadership program.

What is servant leadership?

"A servant leader is, above all, motivated to help and contribute so that others develop and become more autonomous. Therefore, there is an obvious concern for the other. It's the main concern", explained the professor, who added that this type of leadership "ensures people's well-being, tries to make them look their best, and this also motivates them. After all, mental well-being is one of today's great concerns. On the other hand, it is a type of leadership that gives space, more responsibility and autonomy, and contributes to social impact".

This way of leading gained ground and special relevance during the pandemic, because "at this time when everything is being questioned - business models, ways of working, strategy, geopolitics - nothing better than to refocus on what is, in fact, essential":

"To take advantage of the permanent crisis we are in and ask ourselves about the role we want to play and the kind of leader we want to be."

This model, however, does not deny "the need to be tough too", guarantees Milton de Sousa. This paradoxical vision of the leader's role should encapsulate these two universes and only reinforces their role within the organisation - and not only: it can be an important factor in attracting and retaining talent.

"It isno longer enough to be a big company, with tradition, and giving good salaries. People increasingly want [to be led by] someone who challenges them, inspires them, and gives them room to grow. This leadership allows it and is therefore a good instrument to strengthen our competitiveness as an employer."
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