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Innovation & Change

2023: Disruption is inevitable

"Whether we like it or not, disruption - and how to lead it - will be the biggest challenge facing companies in 2023," says Rui Coutinho, Executive Director of the Innovation Ecosystem at Nova SBE. Find out why.
Marketing & Sales

The Opportunity of Selling in the Metaverse

The Metaverse has the potential to impact every aspect of business, from entertainment to learning, marketing, employee interaction, customer experience, innovation and community management. Helga Saraiva-Stewart, founder of Lead-Results and Sales Shaker, explains how to boost your sales in this new virtual world.
Finance & Economics

Recession in 2023: Possible? Probable? Plausible? Mild? Severe?

João Silveira Lobo, independent management consultant and professor at Nova SBE, explains what you can expect when it comes to the economy in 2023 and how to prepare yourself to face the possible challenges of the coming year.
Leadership & People

Nova SBE revolutionizes executive coffee breaks to ensure high performance

Nova SBE has a new area for coffee breaks. The space and concept were created so that the participants of all executive education programs can ensure the best cognitive performance.
Innovation & Change

One year of Innovation Ecosystem: how collaboration is creating impact at Nova SBE

Rui Coutinho - Executive Director of the Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem - explains why innovation is the most effective, impactful, and transformative way for schools to contribute to the harmonious, inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous development of our society.
Digital & Technology

Web3.0: what role do I want to play in this new chapter of Internet history?

Over the nearly 40 years since its official birth date, the Internet has undergone several evolutions. Distributed ledger technologies - of which blockchain is perhaps the best known - have made it possible to envision a new model of the internet: web 3.0. In this model, companies and people become "co-owners" of the web. What implications will this new paradigm have for incumbents and what opportunities will it bring for the average user?

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