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Leadership & People

How to become an exponential leader

Ozioma Egwuonwu, Specialist in Corporate Culture & Human Potential, Strategy & Transformation at SingularityU Portugal, explains the six key competencies for becoming an exponential leader.
Finance & Economics

Can we predict what the new space economy will look like in 2050?

What will be the future of the space economy? Miguel Pina e Cunha, Professor and Academic Director at Nova SBE Executive Education, Emir Sirage, Director of the Space for Business Program and Pedro Penedos, Space for Business Program Manager, guarantee that this is an area on the rise and that it will provide us with a more sustainable future.
Innovation & Change

Do-it-yourself and entrepreneurship: so far, so close

Alisson Ávila, Head of Innovation at the Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem, explains to us the parallels that exist between "underground subcultures", such as punk, and the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, from the perspective of his own personal experience.
Marketing & Sales

The hard and soft side of sales success

In the crazy world of business, whether in small start-ups or well-established companies, a common link connects entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals - everyone is on a never-ending quest for sales. Helga Saraiva-Stweart, Founder @Lead-Results, explains how to sell more and better to an increasingly digital customer.
Leadership & People

What if Frida Kahlo and Picasso hadn't gotten bored?

In a world of endless and constant stimuli, are we really reaching the peak of our creativity? Paula Maio Marques, Director for Business Transformation at Nova SBE Executive Education, explains how a set of creativity-related genes saved us from extinction and how boredom is essential for activating this core human competence.
Innovation & Change

A new approach to innovation: the creation of Ecosystems

Mafalda Paiva Chaves, Team Leader of Nova SBE's Co.Innovation Lab, explains the importance of open innovation, i.e. creation that goes beyond the physical boundaries of companies.
Sustainable Business

How much are we willing to pay to save the planet?

Miguel Ferreira, Professor at Nova SBE, says that the results of several studies indicate that workers accept 10% lower salaries when they work for companies in more sustainable sectors such as health, education and recycling.
Finance & Economics

Finance for everyone!

Programs aimed at companies with a large number of workers and low average salaries, such as in the retail, commerce and tourism sectors, can have a significant impact on the literacy of individuals. This is guaranteed by Miguel Ferreira, Professor at Nova SBE.

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