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Marketing & Sales

Questions about Content Strategy? Bruce Lee has the answer

Nuno Moreira, Co-founder of the Fullsix Portugal agency and Guest Professor at Nova SBE, explains how content should "be like water" and adapt to the strategy, the needs of the main target audiences and the different channels.
Marketing & Sales

Customer Experience Obsession: the road to a successful business

Filipa Caldeira and Pedro Batalha, co-founders of the Fullsix group, give us some examples of companies with a strong focus on "customer experience" and how it is being shaped by new digital technologies.
Leadership & People

Coaching is far from a "one size fits all" solution

Alexandra Barosa-Pereira, author and researcher in the field of coaching, explains how "Coaching" is a personal and professional development practice that aims to bring about transformation, well-being and happiness in different areas of life.
Marketing & Sales

How can combining OKR and other methods help to define project themes in your company?

Find out how the combined use of OKR and techniques such as SMART can improve strategic planning in your company.
Supply Chain & Operations

Reinventing Operations in Portugal

Pedro Caldeira, a specialist in the areas of Operations, Procurement & Supply Chain, explains the current panorama of Operations and how to increase productivity in the sector.
Leadership & People

Journaling: How expressing feelings can make us better people and professionals

Journaling can be a powerful tool for productivity and self-knowledge. Inês Morais, Integration Team Leader at Nova SBE, explains how to reap the benefits of this daily routine.

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