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Finance & Economics

Navigating the Future of Finance: Empowering Leaders in a Transforming Financial Landscape

Melissa Prado, Full Professor at Nova SBE, explains why it is essential to invest in programs like Future of Finance.
Supply Chain & Operations

The Vanguard of Procurement Leaders

Procurement and global sourcing have evolved into complex strategic functions that are critical to an organization's success. Pedro Silva Caldeira, Academic Director of the Procurement & Global Sourcing Program, explains what is expected of the procurement area in today's global market.
Innovation & Change

Future Cities, Future Communities: an accelerator for the Innovation Ecosystem

The ProgramÔÇÖs wrap up event this July 2nd in Carcavelos showcases efforts to bridge knowledge and action for sustainable futures
Supply Chain & Operations

What does Operational Excellence mean to you?

Alberto Silva, Associate Partner at New Angle, explains why Operational Excellence should be seen as "a state in which the level of business performance consistently meets the expectations of customers, shareholders and employees".
Digital & Technology

Objective: A culture of cybersecurity

Pedro Latoeiro and Filipe Domingues, co-founders of the Center for Cooperation in Cyberspace, explain how the confrontation with cybercrime has become inevitable and there is only one way to face it: to ensure that everyone in the organization is responsible for cybersecurity.
Marketing & Sales

Questions about Content Strategy? Bruce Lee has the answer

Nuno Moreira, Co-founder of the Fullsix Portugal agency and Guest Professor at Nova SBE, explains how content should "be like water" and adapt to the strategy, the needs of the main target audiences and the different channels.

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