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Marketing & Sales

Do you know these three new trends in sales?

Jorge Velosa, Scientific Coordinator of the intensive Sales Strategy & Business Development program, explained what the new trends in the sales sector are and how it is possible to get around the problems that emerge with an increase in the pricing with a 9% inflation rate, in a webinar at Nova SBE Executive Education.
Leadership & People

Study by Nova SBE and BNP Paribas concludes that most workers prefer the hybrid working model

A study conducted in partnership by BNP Paribas and Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) concluded that 86.4% of students and 60% of employees of several Portuguese and international companies "prefer the hybrid work model" - which includes face-to-face days and remote working. The research, entitled "Re-imagining Work", also presents relevant data for the future of the labor market.

Nova SBE is the first Portuguese school to reach the top 15 of the Financial Times' masters ranking

Nova SBE's International Masters in Management rises to the top 15 worldwide, gaining eight positions in the Financial Times ranking.
Supply Chain & Operations

Inflation haunts economies and consumption

Inflation is exceeding multi-decade highs in all regions. However, according to a report by Cr├ędito y Cauci├│n, while in Europe the rise in prices is mainly due to disruptions in energy prices resulting from the invasion of Ukraine, in the US the origin lies in more general imbalances: demand after the pandemic outstrips supply, and the fact that the US economy is operating above full capacity explains the intense interest rate hikes carried out by the Federal Reserve.
Digital & Technology

Nuno Silva Vieira: "Whoever does not have knowledge about blockchain technology will not be prepared for the times to come

With the increasing use of crypto assets, it is important to understand the use of Blockchain in a decentralized world. This technology has in its genesis the ability to transform business, change global supply chains, materialize a shared economy and redefine companies and economy models, with short and medium term impacts on economic and social infrastructures. Nuno Silva Vieira, partner at Antas da Cunha ECIJA, leading the Legal Intelligence department, and Executive Coordinator of the Blockchain & Smart Contracts program, explains why it is essential to invest in knowledge about this technology to remain relevant in the market.
Estoril Conferences

Silvia Rodriguez: "A new chapter of the Estoril Conferences is coming soon"

The 7th edition of the Estoril Conferences brings several news and changes - it was Silvia Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Estoril Conferences, who explained to us how the new chapter of the event focused on the major global challenges is being designed. 
Innovation & Change

LEGO® Serious Play®: "LEGOS® are toys for children, but they can be used in organisations"

Nova SBE Executive Education created the LEGO® Serious Play®: Introduction, which is now in its 5th edition - a training based on extensive research in the areas of management, organisational development, psychology and teaching, exploring the connection between hands and the cognitive system. João Castro, the program's Scientific Coordinator, explained to us how the little pieces can help sharpen decision-making in companies and strengthen leaders' skills.

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