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Nadim Habib: "We need to build more adaptive, agile, and resilient organizations"

Given the fickleness of the world, we need leaders who are able to build resilient and adaptive organizations to deal with major changes. Nadim Habib, Professor at Nova SBE and international consultant in the areas of strategy, innovation, and creativity, is one of those who guarantee it. But can a good leader create "future-proof" companies?
Leadership & People

Servant Leadership: "We are witnessing a transformation of the leader's image"

"We are witnessing a transformation of leader's image. And, for the first time, we are seeing words like humility, vulnerability and involvement entering the vocabulary we associate with a good leader. Who guarantees this is Milton de Sousa, the Scientific Coordinator of the Servant Leadership program.
Digital & Technology

Greg Sherwin: How digital experimentation helps navigate the complexities of the world

Do you know what digital experimentation is? "It's a digital version of what have been the fundamentals of science and learning since Francis Bacon in the 1600s, applying the same methods to create hypotheses, defining how we can learn about the world around us to draw metrics that inform our decisions," explained Greg Sherwin, Digital Experimentation Specialist at SingularityU Portugal.
Innovation & Change

Why it is important to demystify business in Space

Science fiction films about the migration of the human species to other planets in space may be about to become a reality. And that transition will require a sustainable economy, on and off Earth. Do you realise the potential of the space market?
Business & Strategy

Manuel Tânger: "Thinking like a start-up is the most important thing for a company's success"

Manuel Tânger, co-founder of Beta-i and speaker at SU Portugal, guarantees that more than 12 years of experience working with start-ups made him see that there is a mentality behind these businesses that is important in times of exponential growth.
Adam's Choice

Let's talk about mental health?

Do you dare talk about wellbeing? Ana Moniz, psychotherapist and psychologist with over 20 years' experience, explains why it is so important to talk about mental health and emotional wellbeing at home and in the workplace.
Leadership & People

Manuel Tangier: "A leader has never needed to be a learning machine as much as now"

For Manuel Tânger, co-founder of Beta-i and speaker at SU Portugal, these are the main skills a leader needs to have to succeed in a world of exponential change.
Leadership & People

Adam's Choice: Conducting the company like an orchestra

What if we told you that leading a team resembles conducting an orchestra? Organisations and stages, as well as work, often bureaucratic, and music do not seem to have much in common, if you look at them at a glance. However, you may be surprised at the parallels between these two universes.

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