Do you know what digital experimentation is? "It's a digital version of what have been the fundamentals of science and learning since Francis Bacon in the 1600s, applying the same methods to create hypotheses, defining how we can learn about the world around us to draw metrics that inform our decisions," explained Greg Sherwin, Digital Experimentation Specialist at SingularityU Portugal.

We are currently living in a period marked by ambiguity and uncertainty. Although we "love predictability", Greg Sherwin reminded us that we need to "content with the fact that much of what the world is about is unpredictable".

"And digital experimentation gives us a practice and a set of tools for us to be able to access this ability to navigate the complexities of world today," he added.

The ever-growing universe of data brings many opportunities for digital experimentation, but it should be stressed that Data Science also deals with probable scenarios and probabilities, therefore a change of mentality is required. Digital experimentation is nothing more than a combination of this subjective data with objective and scientific methods to build probable scenarios.

"I fell in love with this topic when I realised there was an opportunity to bring together the probabilistic uncertainties of things like data and data science, with the certainties with which you design and build the world."

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Have you met our speaker? Greg Sherwin is the Digital Experimentation specialist at SingularityU Portugal. He is an engineer and has served as VP/SVP of Engineering at several Silicon Valley start-ups and helped establish companies such as CNET Networks (now CBS Interactive), NBC Internet and Singularity University. He was president and co-founder of LearnStreet, an educational technology start-up funded by Khosla Ventures, and also co-founded the national website of the American Red Cross.

He currently builds platforms for sales ecosystems as a senior engineer at Farfetch. He is also a mentor for start-ups in Lisbon, acting on the Advisory Board of House of Beautiful Business.

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