The 'Adam's Choice' program at Nova SBE Executive Education has opened enrolment for its third edition. As a disruptive learning experience, this immersive executive program has already helped more than 158 participants reprogram the way they make choices, not only professionally, but also in their personal lives.

In a world where burnout seems to spread in the workplace like a pandemic, it is important to learn how to make choices. Focusing on the balance between the six dimensions of human life, Adam's Choice promises a unique, transformative learning journey customized to the needs of those who seek it.

But do you know what makes this program different from all the others? We give you three reasons why you should join the next class of Adam's Choice:


Personal journey focused on self-knowledge

"Choice is no longer a natural act - it is a skill that can and must be developed." This is the motto of Adam's Choice, which aims to develop an individual methodology so that you can make better choices. To this end, each participant begins their journey with a moment of self-reflection, answering a questionnaire that will indicate which of the areas that contribute to well-being they should focus on.

The program also invites everyone to create their own decision-making methodology, defined as "Choosenology".


Six Dimensions of Life

Unlike traditional executive programs, which focus only on a specific area, Adam's Choice involves a broad transformational experience, exploring the six key dimensions of life: occupational, intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

These six dimensions were identified by the National Wellness Institute and must be balanced to ensure better decisions, set priorities and goals, and improve performance, both in and out of the office.


Immersive Experiences

Targeted mainly at leaders and future decision-makers, this journey of professional and human transformation has four distinct phases that take place over eight weeks.

One of these stages features immersive experiences, in which participants are challenged to immerse themselves, to develop one of the dimensions, through the five senses. This experience is 100% hands-on and sensory, and can range from a mindfulness class to a "human statue exhibit".


Find out what former participants have to say about the program, here.

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