In a world where burnout seems to be spreading like a pandemic in the workplace, it is important to learn how to make choices. Focusing on the balance between the six dimensions of human life, Adam's Choice, now in its second edition, promises a unique learning journey, transformative, customized to the needs of those who seek it.

We spoke with three participants of the second edition, to try to understand the real impact of this immersive program.


"Adam's Choice should be mandatory"

Maria do Rosário Veloso is a lawyer and assured us that what impressed her most throughout the weeks was the immersive nature of the experience.

"We looked at the six dimensions of life, we had very immersive sessions and very emotional ones as well. The people who came here came with open hearts. This is a very good stopping moment," he assured us, adding that "Adam's Choice should be mandatory, even for people who are not at a life turningpoint."

The big lesson she took from this second edition was really "the need to stop and act", and she assured us that the training made her take decisions with greater clarity.


"It forced me to think a lot more and ask more questions before making any kind of decision"

For Jos├ę Salvado, Operations Director of SONAE's Modelo Centro-Sul, the great added value of the program was also the tools that allowed him to make better choices: "It made me think a lot more and ask a lot more questions than I did until now, about myself and about others". The participant also stressed that he identified especially with the some of the program's objectives:

"Finding ourselves, finding our way for ourselves, for our teams, our way of being and how we feel good about ourselves and others."


"Although it forces us to think as a group, it respects the individuality we have"

"The tools I take are very practical emotion management tools, they are models of thinking and are things we can apply in both personal and professional life, which, honestly, in my case, I feel it is very difficult to separate the two things," Tânia Dimas, who has worked for several years for the continuous improvement of business processes in technology companies, told us.

She assured us that she is really enjoying the experience, because the classes "make her go through various phases of our person", and Adam's Choice has had a very important impact, because it made her resume the writing of a book that was "in the drawer" for eight years.

"This programme is different because it brings us practices, it forces us to think, and it has a very interesting feature: although it forces us to think as a group, it respects the individuality that we have."
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