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Adam's Choice: 10 tips to become a better leader

A recent study indicates that 75% of people who quit are not quitting tasks, organisations or jobs, but bosses. Poor leadership can affect the self-esteem of the remaining workers and even lead them to quit. The coach
Leadership & People

Adam's Choice: 'Micromanagement', a fatal leadership mistake

Are you one of those bosses who asks to be on cc in every email? Do you constantly request updates from your team? Do you avoid delegating tasks? If your answer was yes to one or all of these questions, then you're probably a micromanager. Learn about the barriers micromanagement can put in front of your business and learn how to overcome them with these seven tips.
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Adam's Choice: Emotional Intelligence, the soft skill of the future

Do you know what EQ is? Emotional intelligence is increasingly appreciated and necessary in the work sphere, and can even help your career. The coach Patríacia Guerreiro gives you some tips to develop this competence.
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Adam's Choice: Overloaded with emails? Rescue your productivity

How many times have you lost hours sorting through your inbox flooded with emails? The urge to give an immediate response is often a temptation, but it can cost you your productivity. Learn how to keep your email under control, so you can spend time on the tasks you really need.
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Adam's Choice: 7 tips to improve your team's performance

We have all been part of a team at some point in our lives, whether it was at work, at school or in our personal lives. However, I'm sure that not every group you've been part of has worked well. Coach Patrícia Guerreiro explains why it is important to assess the reason for this failure.
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Adam's Choice: The importance of having the courage to say "no

In a society that celebrates the word "yes" and glorifies total availability, saying "no" becomes a real act of courage. Executive coach Patrícia Guerreiro gives you some tips to learn how to take control in your workplace.

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