A greater number of choices gives us more freedom. However, too many choices limit our ability to make decisions. If you agree with these two statements, then you believe there is a paradox of choice, a term coined by Barry Schwartz, an American psychologist specialising in the intersection between psychology and economics. Know that this concept may even be able to change the way you see life.

The existence of more options to choose from always seems positive. According to the American psychologist, "the more freedom we have, the more well-being we have. You can't have freedom without choice. Therefore, the more choice we have, the more freedom we have. Therefore, the more choice we have, the better off we are. Logical reasoning, but not always true.

Having choice is a good thing but it also has a downside, because nowadays we have more choice than we need. What if we told you that too much choice can harm your decision-making process and your happiness?

BarrySchwartz would argue that this is a problem of education in Western modern societies: we are not supposed to settle for anything unless it is the best. The digital world is exacerbating the problem because, by opening up a world of infinite possibilities, it has also created FOMO(fear of missing out) and a growing fear of making the wrong choice in a sea of offers.

Did you know that studies have revealed that too much candy can paralyse the consumer? In one experiment, they put up a stand with 24 flavours of sweets for consumers to try, and another with only six. The second stall sold more jam jars than the first, because many consumers were paralysed by the number of flavours available and feared making a bad choice. And even if a consumer can overcome the paralysis of choice, according to the North American author, statistically, the greater the range of options, the more affected is the quality of choices. Finally, even if it is possible to overcome this paralysis and choose well within the complexity, another problem arises: how satisfied we are with our decision.

Why are we always unsatisfied? In the video below, Barry Schwartz explains why absolute satisfaction is an impossibility:



Choosing from a wide range of options can lead to more stress, more mistakes, less satisfaction and even burnout.

What is the solution? Look for the "good enough", realize that maximization is not the answer to every problem. Join Barry Schwartz and the great Adam's Choice learning journey to discover how to change your mindset, so you can make better choices.

Adam's Choice is intrinsically linked to the concept of ChoosenologyEach participant is taught about the impact of the decision-making process, reflecting on their individuality and gaining self-awareness on a unique and transformative journey of growth. It provides participants with a unique learning experience and gives them the opportunity to develop more holistically, encompassing body, mind and spirit, addressing the six dimensions of the National Institute of Well-Being (emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and occupational).

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