Since 2000, the commercial area has been affected by multiple disruptions, economic and otherwise, which have required companies to constantly adapt to the various "new" contexts. The 2020 pandemic crisis was very impactful because it forced many companies to pivot their commercial strategies and adjust their go-to-market models. How are companies adapting and structuring themselves for the next normal? What skills become more relevant now and in the near future? What impact will new technologies and more 'buyer-centric' competitors have on the markets where we operate?

n 2021, Nova SBE SalesShaker creates 6 Conference Rooms with virtual reality and distinctive dynamics to bring together top executives, masterminds, experts and successful influencers, to discuss and share ideas and answers on these and other impactful challenges in results and commercial productivity.

To protect the sustainability of their business, to grow and expand through constant disruption, leaders and professionals responsible for developing business need to adapt their strategies, to innovate their responses, to develop relevant skills, but above all, they need inspiration. And here SalesShaker stands out.

Big events in the sales sector are nothing new, internationally, but, even when compared to the others, SalesShaker is different. This year, it returns on September 30 for its third edition, with many new features. Firstly, it is a holistic experience: at SalesShaker we associate new concepts and new technologies related to, for example, CRM, cloud, digital marketing and data science, with themes related to procurement, soft-skills, mindset, leadership, virtual team management and productivity.



Our focus remains firmly on:

  • contribute to innovating the B2B sales sector;
  • raising the profile of the commercial professional;
  • accelerate lead generation of the participants;
  • help professionalise the sector.

This year, SalesShaker will also support specific segments that show a huge desire to innovate in this professional area:


With a Conference Room dedicated specifically to the needs of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, SalesShaker understands that to innovate the B2B sales sector we need to support MSMEs, representatives of the majority of the Portuguese business fabric. We talk about digital transformation, empowerment, gender equality, innovation, but above all, mindset! MSMEs want to innovate the mindset of those who lead the development of their business and transition to selling through value, not product. Knowing how to position their solutions more strategically and in a differentiated way is increasingly important to ensure their sustainability-future.


Women in Sales

There is still a stigma associated with sales, which has a cumulative effect on women working in the industry. We are passionate about empowering talent in the commercial sector, regardless of their gender, but we know the disparities that persist. We join forces with hugely credible influencers in this space to build confidence, challenge the status quo, contribute to competing more equally and reflect that equality in the leadership of organisations, and much more. We are honoured to have with us, among the incredible Speakers, a professional with a career in the Top 1% of business leaders - Cynthia Barnes, President of the US National Association of Women Sales Professionals , Salesforce Influencer 2021 and LinkedIn Top Sales Influencer 2020.


Social Sector

Always focused on the corporate world, we cannot ignore the social sector, which represents an important sector of the economy, with a critical need to innovate, commercially speaking. Several times, these companies have purposes linked to sustainability, social causes or the circular economy, which can justify a certain departure from the more capitalist terms such as "profit" and "sales". However, these companies need to find sustainability and position their solutions in a competitive way to ensure their future and that of those they protect.

We also have other new features: a showcase of commercial talent, where final year Master's students will compete for positions in commercial or business development in start-ups and multinationals.

Ready to get a healthy dose of commercial energy like no other? Join us and stay up to date with all the Sales Shaker news, because there's still a lot left to reveal!

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