The fourth edition of the postgraduation in Supply Chain Management at Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) began on October 17. This course lasts six months and has a partnership with the José Neves Foundation, and participants may apply for scholarships under the ISA FJN program.

The digital transformation of business is increasingly pressing the operational and logistics area of companies, and as such it is necessary to promote the sustained growth of professionals in the world of supply chain. It is in this sense that the postgraduation in Supply Chain Management at NOVA SBE aims to structure multidisciplinary concepts, introducing new trends and fostering digital literacy.

The program will include online and in-person sessions and will be divided into two blocks: the first dedicated to the basics of management and the second focused on operational and logistics areas. The classes will focus on essential topics given the current context, such as the organization of supply chains in the post-covid world, the challenges of digital transformation, best practices in leadership and negotiation, supply chain digital & data analytics, sustainability, and circular economy, procurement, among others.

Pedro Pereira da Silva, Nova SBE alumnus and CEO of CEPD N.V. - Corporation of European Pharmaceutical Distributors, says that "the digitalization of industries and the impact on supply chains continues to transform business development and the way companies are conducted. The search for excellence in the various forms of customer service delivery, in omnichannel, in an environment of greater complexity, with greater pressure on execution, speed, punctuality, while seeking to ensure optimization of cross-cutting processes and associated costs, creates additional challenges in supply chains and their contribution to value creation and strengthening of competitive advantages. "This makes the investment in training in this area increasingly strategic, playing a key role in the transformation processes underway."

We remind you that the post-graduation course, in an after-labor regime, will last for six months and is under the scope of the partnership with the José Neves Foundation, and the participants may apply for the ISA FJN program scholarships.

To learn more about the program click here.

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