Nova School of Business & Economics and Nova School of Law have joined forces in a partnership of excellence to do more and better for executive education in the area of law, creating Nova School of Law Executive Education. The partnership was officially announced at an event held this Thursday with the presence of Daniel Tra├ža and Mariana Gouveia, Directors of Nova SBE and Nova School of Law.

he exponential transformation that many organisations have undertaken to remain competitive in the market, in a context where digitalisation, globalisation and sustainability take the stage, has required a real revolution of many professions, and legal activity does not escape these changes. There is, therefore, a latent opportunity to support professionals in this sector of activity to acquire new fundamental tools to deal with an increasingly demanding future. Not only to remain relevant in the market, but also to ensure they are recognised as important elements in the organisations they serve.

To guarantee participants the best possible learning experience, classes will take place at the seaside Carcavelos campus, and the programmes will feature the same reference professors and professionals from the Law School. In addition to this, the training offer will feature programmes focused on Economics, Law, Management, Strategy, Digitalisation, among other themes.

"It is a joy for us to launch Nova School of Law Executive Education today and to do so alongside Nova SBE. We feel there is a need for change in law education. Nova School of Law, since its formation, has been at the forefront of law education, and relentlessly seeks to anticipate the needs of the market, of companies, with innovation in its DNA. This need is felt in all study cycles and the time has come to make this proposal for change in the area of executive training", said Mariana Gouveia, at the NSLEE's inauguration session.
"[We represent] two institutions concerned with impact and bringing solutions, concerned with integrating different branches of knowledge, to bring integrative and partnership answers, and with the will to innovate and test areas that have never been tested before. For Nova SBE, this is our way of being: creating impact, bringing different partners together and constantly innovating. Mywish for this partnership is that we can show what is possible when people and institutions get together, when we put aside our will to be separate, because we want to do better," said Daniel Tra├ža.

With an innovative, global approach to training, focused on current challenges, Nova School of Law Executive Education aims to solve problems of individual professionals and companies. In addition to a vast portfolio of solutions, it is possible to customize the offer to the specific challenges of organizations.

The Nova School of Law Executive Education portfolio is based on two types of needs: the development of management skills for professionals in the legal sector and the transmission of knowledge in the legal area to other professionals. Thus, the offer is aimed at all professionals in the legal sector who wish to develop management skills and other technical knowledge, and at managers, finance and HR professionals who want to extend their knowledge in the legal area.

  • Management portfolio for lawyers
  • Legal Portfolio for managers, HR and Finance┬á
  • Legal Specialisedportfolio for the sector┬á
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