JUSTICE LAB, an advanced program of innovation and culture, developed by Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE), ISEG and the Portuguese Justice, through the Institute of Financial Management and Justice Equipment (IGFEJ), began in October. The program is addressed to a hundred leaders and project managers of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and of all services and entities in the sphere of justice.

This is the first program 100% designed to respond to the current challenges of organizations and entities in the area of justice to promote the offer of more agile and accessible services focused on the needs of citizens and businesses. To this end, it focuses on three main strategic pillars: strategic management, digital transition, and leadership in the context of change.

The JUSTICE LAB - Innovation & Culture Program will have as its main objective to train the services for a more efficient implementation of the RRP, whose funding - 266 million euros - is configured as a historic opportunity for transformation in Justice, with an ambitious agenda of reforms and innovative projects already underway. 

The goal is to train the Justice Department's staff to speed up the launching of initiatives and to make them less dependent on external teams, promoting the transfer of internal knowledge.

The collaboration protocol between the higher education institutions and the Ministry of Justice was signed on September 16th, in the presence of the Minister of Justice, the Secretaries of State for Justice and Higher Education, and the Deans of the two Schools.

The program will have a total duration of 80 hours, spread over 17 weeks. In a first stage, JUSTICE LAB  is intended for leaders and PRR project managers from all services and entities in the sphere of justice - IGFEJ, IRN, DGPJ, PJ, CEJ, DGRSP, IGSJ, DGAJ, SGMJ, INMLCF, INPI, eBUPi, CAAJ, CPVC, as well as the Superior Council of Magistracy, Superior Council of the TAF, the Attorney General's Office and the Council of Justices of the Peace - with plans to expand to other participants and to new profiles and needs, in articulation with the transversal programs of skills for public innovation.

Due to its innovative character and potential, the JUSTICE LAB project is being followed with interest by international organizations such as the OECD.

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