Do you know what EQ is? Emotional intelligence is increasingly appreciated and needed in the workplace, and can even help your career. Learn some tips to develop this competence.

Emotional Quotient has entered the top 5 most sought-after skills in the job market, according to LinkedIn Learning, in 2020. This ability, which allows you to perceive and assess your own feelings and those of others, trains not only more competent leaders, but also more productive employees.

A recent study found that people with a higher EQ account for 90% of top performing employees, earning on average $29,000 a year more than colleagues with lower EQs.

It therefore becomes relevant to understand how this competence can leverage your career. I leave you some tips, in the video below, so you can learn more about this sphere of emotional intelligence and use it in the workplace.



This is the fourth video in a series dedicated to personal growth. This project is part of the Adam's Choicewhich is intrinsically linked to the concept of Choosenology. Each participant is taught about the impact of the decision-making process, reflecting on their individuality and gaining self-awareness on a unique and transformative journey of growth.

Coaching has been gaining a central importance in the personal and work field, and is an integral part of the journey of the Adam's Choiceprogramme at Nova SBE Executive Education. This programme provides participants with a unique learning experience and gives them the opportunity to develop more holistically, encompassing body, mind and spirit, addressing the six dimensions of the National Institute of Well-Being (emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and occupational).

It is in the transformation and growth phase that participants receive practical tools to apply in their daily lives. Aiming to present differentiated ways of learning, Patrícia Guerreiro, one of the executive coaches at Adam's Choice, shares "Tips and Tricks" with the participants, in the form of videos lasting between 5 and 8 minutes. This content, shared on a weekly basis, aims to address the struggles that the participants themselves share in the individual sessions.

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