"Resilience can be learned". This is a quote fromThierry Moschetti, founder of the Resilience Institute, from a lecture on the topic during the first edition of the Adam's Choice programme: "you can blame your genes and the environment in childhood, because, in fact, we don't all start at the same level but we can actively develop resilience".

Resilience is expressed in various ways: through the ability to bounce back; to grow, with an active search for change and challenge; to connect, respecting others and nature; acquiring fluidity to develop talents and seek opportunities.

This feature is therefore a huge asset in the work universe, especially when it comes to wellbeing and recovery, which are fundamental to creating a balance between the personal and professional life. And it can also help to balance the five spheres that contribute to well-being: mastering stress, balancing the body, engaging with emotions, training the mind and activating the spirit.

For this reason, Thierry Moschetti left some tips to develop this trait, easy to apply on a daily basis:

1. Power nap

Do you know what a power nap is? It is a nap that takes less than 25 minutes. To be effective, the time really has to be respected, so that you never enter the deep sleep phase. According to the specialist, the Space Agency has studied in depth the impact that power naps have on astronauts and has concluded that they increase work performance by 34% and alertness by 54%. The only problem seems to be finding a suitable place in the office to take a nap, but it's a habit you can start implementing whenever you work remotely.

2. Working standing up

Sitting every day for several hours is one of the worst things you can do to your health. However, for many people, this is the position in which they spend most of their working hours. According to the Stanford University, research has shown that the human body cannot achieve its maximum performance by maintaining static postures for a prolonged period of time.

Opt for an adjustable desk, commonly known as a standing desk, which allows you to work standing up, varying your position throughout the day. A good option to improve your physical well-being is to get up and walk around whenever you have to take a call or have an online meeting.

3. Learning to control your breathing

Breathing plays an important role in stress control. This is nothing new, as you have probably heard since you were little that you should take a deep breath whenever you are in a tense situation. However, there is an effective method of breath control for reducing stress so effective that it is used by many military and police officers in exercises simulating violent situations. According to Thierry Moschetti, this breathing technique is called tactical calm and consists in breathing in for 3 seconds, always through the diaphragm, and prolonging the exhalation for another 5.

Want to learn how to improve your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and occupational well-being? The programme Adam's Choice is intrinsically linked to the concept of Choosenology. Each participant is educated about the impact of the decision-making process, reflecting on their individuality and gaining self-awareness on a unique and transformative growth journey. It provides participants with a unique learning experience and gives them the opportunity to develop more holistically, encompassing body, mind and spirit, addressing the six dimensions of the National Institute of Wellbeing.

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