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Alexandra Barosa Pereira

Leadership & People

Coaching is far from a "one size fits all" solution

Alexandra Barosa-Pereira, author and researcher in the field of coaching, explains how "Coaching" is a personal and professional development practice that aims to bring about transformation, well-being and happiness in different areas of life.
Leadership & People

The 4 stages of coaching culture in organisations

More and more companies are deciding to use it as part of their retention strategy, in leadership development, in building teams of internal coaches, or in implementing coaching as part of their organisational culture. But not all organisations are at the same stage of using or implementing coaching.
Leadership & People

How Coaching can help overcome the challenges of the "virtual" leader

The capacity for continuous adaptation, in fact, is one of the most desired skills in leaders and teams. However, although organisations had long been creating contingency plans to cope with sudden adaptation needs, few were prepared for the radical change brought about by the successive confinements required by the pandemic.
Leadership & People

Corporate Coaching

With technological and transport development, the global world has moved closer together and the pace of individuals, teams and organisations seeking competitive advantage has increased. Effectiveness is now measured by the ability to adapt which must be a constant, and the precious pearl of companies is knowledge (i.e. people) which allows them to be at the forefront when stimulated and framed.
Leadership & People

The Adaptation of Organisational Life outside the "Building

And suddenly, people, teams and organisations had to adapt! We all know how much adaptation costs. At different times in our lives adaptation has been present. Organisations have long created contingency plans to cope with sudden adaptation needs. Many of us have plans A and plans B, for an adaptation to career management situations, to family life management, even to dinner plans.

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