We are going through times when we demand more and better. In politics, we ask for something different. Organizations strive for well-being. And individuals in general are looking for happiness. We don't know exactly what we're looking for, we just know that we don't want what we have.

In these demanding times, promises and speeches with which everyone can identify proliferate. And this is how politicians, motivational speakers, and high-performance consultants manage to fill the same halls where comedians delight their audiences with caricatures of the former. All with good intentions, of course - the former to promote change, the latter to prevent deception.

However, there are other ways of meeting the demands for more and better! Perhaps not so easily accessible and quick, but certainly more sustainable in the long term.

Coaching is a personal and professional development practice aiming to transformation, well-being, and happiness in different areas of life. But, like other practices, it requires the individuals who use it to go through processes of individual development and self-knowledge. Coaching, whether it is used by rigorous and ethical professionals or as an approach that leaders in organizations use to support the adaptation and loyalty of their people, requires a medium-long learning process with a view to sustaining its effectiveness.

The  Advanced Program in Executive Coaching: Leadership and coaching cultures does not follow a single theory, nor does it aim to teach a specific model. Over the course of five months of sharing various theories and models, program participants are continually invited to reflect on and practice their development experience. With a strong focus on self-knowledge, participants will have the opportunity to come into contact, at an early stage, with different theories, techniques, models, and tools, experience their application and create their own mental representation in using the learning gained, ending the journey with a dynamic position (characterized by its constantly evolving nature, in contrast to the static position, which remains fixed) in Coaching.

This course positions coaching and its users in the state of maturity in which this practice had already reached. In this course, we believe in science, in experienced professionals, and in sharing their practice. Above all, in self-responsibility for development, in which there is no one size fits all - it is through knowledge of diversity that different ways of being and doing can be achieved, reaching the well-being and happiness of each person as a Unique Being.

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Executive coaching: leadership and coaching cultures
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