In a world of constant change, accompanied by the speed of developments in exponential technologies, constantly updating knowledge is important to remain well positioned professionally. Lifelong learning extends beyond formal education and must continue throughout life if it is to have a positive impact on individuals and society.

The speed of change in the modern world is unprecedented and the need for new technical skills to understand emerging trends, keep abreast of the latest industrial advances, or master the latest technologies is growing. Lifelong learning provides adaptability and resilience and enhances professional growth.

Acquiring new skills or reskilling existing ones, which also need updating to meet market demands, can also open up new career opportunities. Employers are increasingly aware of and value employees who seek to continuously improve their skills as well as having this proactive vision.

Lifelong learning is also a competitive advantage because it drives a growth mindset . According to psychologist Carol S. Dweck, this concept has to do with elasticity in the realization of an individual's potential - people with a growth mindset believe that their abilities and intelligence can be developed through effort, learning, and persistence, and are more willing to embrace challenges, persist in the face of difficulties, learn from criticism, and achieve greater personal development and success over time.

But this lifelong learning can also enrich the personal life. Exploring new areas, hobbies, learning new languages and philosophies, playing an instrument, or discovering new recipes are all forms of learning that add skills, increase the level of happiness, and the plasticity of the brain.

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