The Points of U project continues to challenge students, faculty, staff, and the community at Nova SBE's Carcavelos campus to deepen the way we learn, on and from this space, to discuss different perspectives, clearing paths that make us want to be at the forefront of learning methodologies in organizational contexts. And all this only makes real sense if shared, so we interviewed Elsa Rodrigues, Learning Experience Designer of the Corporate programs of Nova SBE's Executive Education and winner of the Points of U photography contest. We began by trying to understand what leads a staff member to participate in an internal contest and its respective added value.

What made you participate first in the photography workshop and then in the contest as part of the Points Of U project?

First of all, it was the fact that it was done by a colleague, J├ęssica, and that there was a mobilization for us to participate. It was publicized, and the goal was explained, because there was a greater purpose here to find an image that also represented what our workplace is, our daily routine, and what our mission is.

What are the advantages that you see in this type of initiative?

For me these initiatives have several advantages. First, it allows you to look at the places you pass by every day with more attention and a different perspective and to feel the realities of what is navigating within the place that such a large campus. It allows you to observe various realities, interact with the spaces in a different way, and maybe pay attention to things that we don't normally pay attention to. Then, I also think that these initiatives are very important to bring us closer to each other - colleagues and students - reinforcing this spirit of belonging to the Nova SBE community. I think it puts us to the test, allows us to show other talents that we have, not only the day-to-day ones, so that we can get a little out of the box of what our functions are, our work, and be able to experiment and show that we can do other things.

How do you think we can foster more peer learning moments and how important can that be?

I think that this moment of peer learning that was developed is the best example of what can be done in an executive learning group. Within a group we can realize what people's hobbies and talents are and how they can be fostered in team buildings and in actions at the end of the day, for more relaxed moments in which the participants themselves can teach others how to do something.

Actually, you received a prize: to be able to attend an executive program at Nova SBE Executive Education. What does this prize mean to you?

I think the prize itself is not only about the training. Knowing that the photograph will be publicized and used in the Nova SBE media, and that it will be exposed somewhere, is quite rewarding because I had just arrived and won with a photograph that portrays something that is very important to me: music. It is already extremely rewarding to know that the photograph will be on display and to know that I contributed to the school in some way beyond my work and my role, I was able to capture some sense of belonging here.

To finish, in one sentence, what is the message you would like to leave to the other participants and to all the people who might come across the Points of U project?

To say that there are no common places in the world of learning is not enough, so I would say that in terms of teaching and learning, at Nova SBE there is much more than meets the eye. All spaces are spaces for learning, and all people carry with them something they can teach us.

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