The xBA - Exponential Business Administration - program, which results from a partnership between Nova SBE Executive Education and StartSe University, was awarded in the category of Technology Enhanced Online Program, at the MERIT Summit 2022, in Madrid.

The distinction was awarded by the jury of the MERITS Summit & Awards, whose theme focused on digital transformation - "Adapt or die: Learning and Growth in the Hybrid Age". Nova SBE's training stood out among the nine cases selected in the final phase of the competition, in the category of Innovation in Higher Education.

"It is with great pride that we receive another international distinction. The xBA belongs to a new generation of programs developed by Nova SBE Executive Education, to update management skills in a context of exponential thinking and practices, addressed to the Portuguese-speaking community. In a 100% online format, with synchronous and asynchronous sessions, we managed to gather in the same virtual classroom participants from multiple geographies - Portugal, Brazil, Africa and a strong expatriate community spread across several countries in Europe and the world. This was the recipe for the enormous success of this course, designed in partnership with a Brazilian edutech- StartSe - based in Silicon Valley", said Marta Pimentel, Executive Education Director at Nova School of Business and Economics.

The xBA focuses on the development of an exponential mindset , focusing on case studies and lessons provided by some of the big names in Silicon Valley and professors at Nova SBE.

MERIT Summit is a meeting between the most prominent international Business Schools and Human Resource Directors of global companies from different sectors, to share insights, challenges and success stories in the field of corporate education and people development.

In 2021, this meeting took place at Nova SBE, at the Carcavelos campus. This year, the event was held at IE University, in Madrid, Spain.

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