In the current results of the Financial Times Masters in Management ranking, which annually lists the best masterÔÇÖs in management in the world, Nova SBE rises to #15, improving eight places.

This excellent result comes after Nova SBE reached the 9th position in Europe and 11th in the world with its International MasterÔÇÖs in Finance, and placing 22nd in the Executive Education ranking, both by the Financial Times, reinforcing Nova SBE's position in the international context and fulfilling the promise it made to Portuguese society.┬á

With this achievement, Nova SBE continues to be recognized as the highest ranked Portuguese school, becoming the first Portuguese school to be included in the select TOP 15 of the best schools worldwide in the Financial Times rankings, with the MasterÔÇÖs in Finance and Management.

With this rise in the ranking, Nova SBE joins ÔÇťthe group of schools that score above averageÔÇŁ, as stated by the Financial Times.

According to Daniel Tra├ža, Dean of Nova SBE, ÔÇťBecoming the first Portuguese school in the Top 15 of the Financial Times is a great achievement for Nova SBE and Portugal. Our mission is to develop talent that impacts the world - Leaders for a more sustainable, less polarized, and more equitable world. Over the last four years, Nova SBE has reached a prominent place among European Business Schools, living up to a commitment assumed by many in Portugal. This result expands our power to attract and develop students with the power for real transformative impact. That will remain our path for reputation and relevance.ÔÇŁ
Rita Cunha, Deputy Dean of Pre-Experience Studies at Nova SBE, underlines: "We owe this result to many people. To the faculty, who are committed to delivering a technically strong program with cutting-edge content in a large number of different courses, as well as to all the staffwho promote an excellent student experience. And this result is of course due to the quality of the students and graduates, their creativity, intellect and human qualities. They are prepared to have an impact on the future of organizations and society, they are valued by employers, nationally and internationally. We should all be proud of this amazing program! ". Nova SBE stands out in the top 10 when it comes to 'Career progress' (7th) and 'International Work Mobility' (8th) indicators. In terms of employability at three months, Nova SBE reaches a percentage of 96% and in overall satisfaction it gets a score of 8.77.

The 2022 Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking evaluates and lists the top 100 MasterÔÇÖs in Management from around the world, contemplating 17 indicators to rank the quality of the Master's and the school in three main dimensions: career progress of graduates, school diversity and research, and international experience.

Since the last year at the Campolide campus in 2018, Nova SBE has had a sharp rise in the Financial Times rankings . The Master's in Management rose 15 places, moving from 30th to 15th. The Master's in Finance rose eight places, moving from 19th to 11th. A executive education rose 28 placesThe MSc in Finance rose eight places, from 19th to 11th.

The school believes that these results are proof that its commitment to preparing professionals and future leaders with the skills to carry out transformations toward a humanist leadership (in public administration, in companies or in NGOs), capable of ensuring a more sustainable and more harmonious, is achievable and is well received in the world of work and in society.

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