The Nova SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute has teamed up with GSR International Limited, a specialist in the cryptocurrency industry, to create the "Nova SBE Web3 Creators Collective". Applications for the first edition of the program open this Monday, which is due to start on January 12.

Decentralization, Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Applications, Smart Contracts, Digital Identity, Interoperability, Data Ownership/Privacy, Cryptocurrencies/Tokenization and Governance, and Video Games on Blockchain are some of the challenge areas of a program that ends with a Demo Day in November 2024.

The first edition of the program also has the support of several strategic partners, guaranteeing support for startups and their disruptive projects in areas essential to their operation - Amazon Web Services, P1 Studio and Nova Blockchain Club are some of the partners associated with the initiative.

The launch of the program and its virtual community aims to create a Web3 innovation hub on the Carcavelos campus , leveraged by the Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute's experience in creating, managing, and growing virtual communities with open innovation programs, and by GSR's positioning as a key player in the cryptocurrency and Web3 industries.

This program aims to focus on innovation and seeks to promote support for entrepreneurs, innovators, programmers, investors, and startups interested in accelerating their projects in the Web3 sphere, through Nova SBE's ecosystem. Participants will also be able to take part in networking events, workshops, and hackathons, receive mentoring from pioneers and experts in the industry, establish contacts with other innovators, have access to investors and a range of shared services.

On January 12, the selected startups will have the chance to pitch their businesses at the Carcavelos campus . Applications to join this community are open until November 30.

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