The results of the 2023 Financial Times Masters in Management ranking , which annually lists the best master's degrees in management in the world, are now known, and Nova SBE maintains its outstanding position as national leader, consolidating its 15th place in the world.  

Remaining the only Portuguese school in the world's top 15, Nova SBE adds this excellent result to the others recently achieved in the Financial Timesrankings: Executive Education, which was placed in the best position ever achieved by a Portuguese school - 18th place in the world and 15th in Europe, and the International Master's in Finance - 11th place in the world. The results now obtained not only reaffirm Nova SBE's national leadership, but also reinforce its position in an international context, confirming the school's commitment to excellent teaching and research, staff, and innovative programs. 

For the results achieved in the world's top 15 master's in management, it is worth highlighting the score obtained in the 'Annual Salary' criterion, which saw an increase of 25% compared to the previous year. Nova SBE also recorded an increase in the 'Employability in three months' criterion compared to the previous year, achieving a percentage of 97% in 2023. 

Pedro Oliveira, Director of Nova SBE, highlights the school's performance and the results obtained: 'The consolidation of Nova SBE's international vocation is a reality and we couldn't be prouder of the path we've taken. In the global era we live in, it is the students themselves who 'demand' international experiences and the fantastic results we obtained in this ranking in the main international parameters - 41% 'international faculty', 13th position in the 'international work mobility' criterion - confirm that Nova SBE has an internationally recognized reputation for excellence. I would also like to highlight the ranking obtained by Nova SBE in the "Carbon Footprint" criterion, which demonstrates that we are not only actors and defenders of the sustainability theme, but also justifies our strategic investment in this area.

But we are not the only Portuguese school to feature prominently in these rankings and there is an opportunity to create an education cluster among Portugal's leading business schools. These schools have a fundamental role to play in changing mentalities and training young people and executives with the skills needed for business success and a more strategic and informed vision of what needs to be done.  

The Financial Times Master's in Management 2023 ranking evaluates and lists the 100 best management master's degrees in the world, looking at 18 indicators to classify the quality of the master's degree and the school in three main dimensions: career progress of graduates, diversity of the school, and international experience. 

The school believes that the results of the current Financial Times Master's in Management ranking are proof of the vision it defends: business schools with a responsibility to be accessible to all, contributing to social mobility, transforming students from different backgrounds into future leaders, and placing them in positions of leadership and impact in public and private organizations.

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