Nova School of Business & Economics's (Nova SBE) Carcavelos campus hosted a mega sustainability event from June 20 to July 1. The Nova SBE Sustainability Journey - a collection of educational programs, events, conferences, and debates dedicated to Sustainable Business - brought together more than 300 participants, 30 companies and 60 speakers, in around 40 sessions.

"This is just the beginning of Nova SBE's sustainability journey," said Daniel Tra├ža, Dean of Nova SBE, during the closing session of the first edition of the event last Friday, stressing that the Nova Sustainability Journey is just an extension of the school's mission - to become a reference for a better and more sustainable future.

"Nova SBE wants to be a place where people come together and collaborate between Knowledge Centers, professors, students, alumni, start-ups and private or government companies. This is an invitation for each of you to join us on this campus and to start this movement towards sustainability."

The Nova SBE Sustainability Journey also counted with big names in the international sphere, in the various areas of sustainability, such as Fabien Cousteau, Chief Oceanic Explorer and co-founder of the Proteus Ocean Group, Jacques Rougerie, creator of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation, Laila Pawlack, co-founder and CEO of the Rehumanize Institute and SingularityU Nordic, and James Honeyborn, Creative Director of Freeborne Media & Wild Space, among others.

As for national experts on topics such as Sustainable Development Goals and green economy, Assun├ž├úo Cristas, Head of the Environment Practice Area and the ESG Integrated Services Platform at VdA and Professor at Nova School of Law, Maria de Jesus Fernandes, President of the Portuguese Association of Biologists, and Nuno Lacasta, CEO of APA - Portuguese Environment Agency, took part in the event. The full list of speakers is available here.

The closing ceremony also included the first edition of the Nova SBE Role to Play Awards, which distinguished some precious contributions to sustainability last year.

The Impactful Alumni award went to Jo├úo Rafale Brites, Director of Growth and Innovation at How Good, while the award for PhD Student Thesis 2021 went to Eduardo Costa, for his work "Essays on Health Economics". The distinction for Corporate Partner Initiative 2021 was awarded to the Am├ęlia de Mello Foundation, for the 40 years of collaboration with Nova SBE to offer teaching grants.

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