Whether you're at the beach, pool, or in the countryside, a book is always good company. Vacations often serve as a motto to catch up on reading, so we leave you with some suggestions of books and manuals written by our professors:


Miguel Pina e Cunha and Arm├ęnio Rego: Which Leader Am I?

Do you know why some professionals with great technical skills, when catapulted into leadership roles, turn out to be disasters? Or why excellent teachers or researchers turn out to be incompetent ministers? Have you ever heard the expression "you lose a good technician, you gain a bad leader"?

Leadership requires more than technical skills. Miguel Pina e Cunha and Arm├ęnio Rego help you understand what characteristics are needed to lead effectively and diagnose your own leadership style. The 2023 edition also includes new cases and results of studies carried out with more than a thousand leaders and hundreds of employees from the business and sports world.


Filipa Breia da Fonseca, Pedro Pita Barros and Ant├│nio Bensabat Rendas: Innovation in Health by Those Who Practice It

There are many opportunities to explore in the area of health innovation, despite the many discussions around the importance of generating value in health as an economic driver for the country.

Filipa Breia da Fonseca, Academic Director of the Postgraduate Program in Health Management, Pedro Pita Barros, Full Professor at Nova SBE, and Ant├│nio Bensabat Rendas, Full Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, present the key aspects for the success of health innovation from the perspective of several protagonists.


Pedro Pita Barros - Health Economics

Understanding the use of scarce resources, decided by multiple actors, implies knowing their motivations and behaviors. In this book, Professor Pedro Pita Barros applies economic analysis to the health sector.

The main topics are documented statistically, with reference to the Portuguese health system, allowing to illustrate the themes and, at the same time, to build a presentation and discussion of important aspects of the SNS.


Ana Moniz - This Book is Not for the Faint of Heart

Would you like to be braver? This book is about courage, the lack of it, and how to build and strengthen it.

Ana Moniz, Guest Professor in the Adam's Choice program, explains how you can build this skill - which, yes, can be trained and expanded - with small attitudes and daily exercises.


Cristina Amaro - Chief Love Officer

Cristina Amaro, a reference in the world of brands and companies and Guest Professor in the Strategic Branding program, affirms that the management paradigm must change and demonstrates how a more empathetic and humanized leadership, which puts love at the center of decisions, is crucial for the success of companies.

If you want to use love for your business strategy, foster a company culture conducive to talent retention, increase your networking and take advantage of the benefits of a close hierarchy, then this book is for you.


Filipa Castanheira, Miguel Pina e Cunha and Arm├ęnio Rego - Purpose: Ideas for Working Connected

The three leadership experts bring us a broad view of "purpose" - a word very often used in organizational circles, but which few understand well enough to leverage their careers or businesses.

This book discusses the relevance of the topic and the importance of truly valuable work and organizational missions. It also draws attention to the risk of management appropriating the subject to simply manipulate people and extract effort from them.


Duarte Pitta Ferraz and Manish Adhikari - Manual of Corporate Governance

Gain a comprehensive and holistic view of Corporate Governance and how to contribute to an effective and efficient board . This book is useful for researchers, Executive and Non-Executive Directors, students, and anyone in a management support roles.



Alexandre Dias da Cunha, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Arm├ęnio Rego and Filipe S. Fernandes - How to Lead Family Businesses

How do you fire an incompetent son? How do you remove from management a father or grandfather who has created a successful business but is no longer up to the job? Dilemmas of these are typical of family businesses and are often addressed in the Family Business Management program because, although they compete in the market with all the others, these organizations are governed by different rules.

Learn how to balance feelings and business rationality, learning from illustrative stories lived in domestic and foreign companies.

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