NOS and Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) signed a protocol with the aim of implementing the Data for a Better Future Initiative (DfBF) project, created to put Data Science at the service of the development of a more sustainable future, bringing together the resources and expertise of a number of specialized organizations.

DfBF will be a knowledge-sharing network that will enable organizations to increase their skills in Advanced Analytics. The goal will be to make Advanced Analytics more strategically useful for managing their businesses and responding to economic and social challenges. All this using increasingly innovative technologies such as 5G, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

This initiative is based on three major lines of action:

Applied research to data: creation of study areas, called Data Circles, where specialized research will be conducted by teams of the companies involved, teachers, researchers and Nova SBE Alumni. NOS takes the lead in the Impact Circle: Smart Cities & Communities area, reflecting its performance as a driver of the digital transformation of Portuguese cities, with the implementation of pioneering and innovative solutions. 

At the same time, a data center will be created, whose information will be used in international research agendas to generate strategic insights and support decision-making for a better future.

Activation of talent: NOS will be responsible for awarding a scholarship to the best master's student in Business Analytics, as well as for the development of projects in a business context carried out by the students of this master's.

Training programs: development of training offers in Advanced Analytics for the entire universe of NOS employees, with the aim of developing the organization's technical skills.

For Miguel Almeida, CEO of NOS, "the creation of Data for a Better Future is an important step in the consolidation of our leadership in terms of innovation and exploration of Advanced Analytics. The era of Big Data brings many changes and opportunities that, explored jointly by specialised entities such as NOS and Nova SBE, will contribute to the design of solutions with significant impact for the country. The development of smart cities and communities has been a strong focus of NOS over the years, now reinforced with this agreement".

Daniel Tra├ža, Dean of Nova SBE, said, "With this partnership, Nova SBE reinforces its commitment to bringing technology and data together in management and leads the transformation of management in Portugal. We continue to consolidate our position as a meeting point for companies, teachers, students and alumni to create value for society. This partnership with NOS contributes decisively to strengthening our ability to, together with companies, generate a greater impact on people's lives, in particular by exploiting the opportunities that big data presents.

With a five-year roadmap, this consortium represents an investment of about 1.3 million euros made by NOS, intending to create value and generate impact on people, organizations and the country.

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