Nova SBE has recently launched five executive Master's degrees to help with the professionals' career progression, which is scheduled to begin in October 2022. Applications are already open. Marta Pimentel, Executive Education Director at Nova School of Business & Economics, explains why investing in this type of training is important.

How has the executive education offer at Nova SBE evolved?

In a logic of lifelong learning, our offer has evolved to ensure a trajectory of knowledge acquisition throughout life, which assumes the ability to update skills and anticipate all significant movements taking place worldwide and, consequently, in companies. With ever shorter cycles of change, skills need to be developed more quickly, and our portfolio must reflect this permanent updating.

For this reason, we are very focused on two dimensions: upskilling processes - the updating of knowledge - and reskilling - the development of new, more in-depth skills. In the first dimension, shorter and more intensive programs may be the answer, while in the second, training such as Executive Master's are the key to ensuring this qualification.

You have recently launched five Executive Master's degrees to help the career progression of professionals in the areas of Leadership, Marketing, Management, Innovation, and Finance. Why expand your offer specifically in these areas?

Of these five areas, we consider the three of them to involve topics that are unavoidable nowadays:

- Innovation & Entrepreneurship: digitalization has accelerated innovation and transformation processes in companies, which have become essential skills for the future, underlining the need for an entrepreneurial spirit.

- Marketing & Strategy: the current context has also forced the creation of new customer relationships, requiring a repositioning of companies and changes in strategy.

- Finance & Financial Markets: new technologies and standards pose increasing challenges to business management, so the acquisition of forward-thinking financial skills is essential to ensure the economic viability of all organizations.

Beyond these, there are two areas that are very strategic and critical to the future of companies:

- Leadership: power shifts in organizations and the emergence of new ways of working, such as remote, make it necessary to develop new ways of leading.

Management: from a more senior perspective, experienced managers, need to be given new tools to manage their organizations more agilely.

In methodological terms, what will these new programs consist of?

The difference between an Executive Master's and an MBA, both of which are completed in one academic year, is the acquisition and applicability of knowledge. While in an MBA, the teaching component is 12-months long, an Executive Master's is only six, to be applied in the following semester in the work project. This is because we know that it is necessary to apply it in the real world for knowledge to become a competence.

It is also important to mention that these first six months of the program are done in an after-labor regime, allowing the participant to maintain their work schedule and connect the classes with their daily lives. The second semester can be done remotely, with online monitoring and a completely personalized schedule.

What type of professionals are these new Master's aimed at?

These master's have a particularity: they are based on the assumption that the candidates already have a consolidated work experience and do not start from scratch, so, unlike traditional master's, it is possible to complete them in just one year. To attend this course, it is necessary to have a previous degree in a relevant area and a minimum of five years of work experience. In the Advanced Executive Master's in Management, participants are required to have at least ten years of professional experience, due to the higher level of complexity.

What can a student who completes one of these five Master's degrees expect in terms of future earnings?

In addition to acquiring new skills that they didn't have before, students will gain the practice of applying them in the field, leaving them with better preparation and knowledge that is in great demand in the labor market. These Master's also bring a certification that may be important for career progression, opening doors to more valued positions in terms of remuneration.

What specifically distinguishes Nova SBE in the executive training market?

What distinguishes Nova SBE is its positioning and mission, since it is a vanguard school, always aligned with the market's future development trends, having a mission of positive impact, therefore contributing to building a fairer, more sustainable, and adequate society.

On the other hand, according to the rankings, Nova SBE is the best management school in the country, with faculty from multiple geographies, paths of excellence, and a lot of published research.

Besides the launch of the new Master's, what else is new in this area for 2022?

At the moment we are strengthening the portfolio, taking into account what are current trends.

We remain very focused on developing soft skills that are relevant to the future of leadership, crossing them with notions of health and well-being, as exemplified by programs such as Adam's Choice and the High-Performance Leadership Centre, developed in partnership with the Portuguese Football Federation. In addition, we have turned our attention to the issue of sustainability, addressing topics such as the Sustainable Development Goals in training courses such as the Paradigm Shift and the Postgraduate Course in Sustainable Development.

Innovation has also achieved an increasingly relevant role, so we have just launched our innovation ecosystem, which, in essence, aims to bring companies into this movement of leveraging innovation.


This article is a republication of an interview originally published in RH Magazine.

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