In an uncertain context, it is essential to train leaders capable of communicating in crisis situations. For this reason, Nova Business & Economics (Nova SBE) executive education and Cunha Vaz & Associados (CV&A) have joined forces to create the "Leadership and Crisis Management" program. The partnership protocol between the two institutions was signed this Wednesday, May 17.

This executive program is aimed at C-level leaders who wish to deepen their ability to communicate in crisis contexts and is scheduled to begin in October. The program will have four different modules, guided by Nova SBE faculty and several invited business leaders, who will focus on risks, crisis situations, tools to deal with unpredictability, and ways to reinvent organizations after a crisis.

According to Ant├│nio Cunha Vaz, CV&A CEO, "The lessons learned from the recent political, economic, and social history show the importance that any business leader should give to the moments we call crisis, because they are also known for being new opportunities. It is therefore with a sense of fulfillment of a duty that is incumbent upon us and with pride that, in partnership with Nova SBE, we have created this executive program that will be an asset to all participants.

The "Leadership and Crisis Management" program also aims to promote the ability to predict and prepare for any future crisis situation, developing individual and common strategies to act before, during, and after the crisis, preparing senior managers to address the different stakeholders and equipping them with a better understanding of the factors that can trigger a reputation crisis. At the corporate level, the goal is to provide a set of tools to build a more resilient business.

"Through the eyes of society, the responsibility of leaders of large companies goes far beyond creating shareholder value. Social, political, and environmental challenges are now part of the leadership equation, which is why together with CV&A we believe this program will make a difference." commented Pedro Brito, Associate Dean for Executive Education and Business Transformation at Nova SBE.

The "Leadership and Crisis Management" program will be taught face-to-face, at Nova SBE's campus in Carcavelos, during post-labor hours.

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Leadership and Crisis Management
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