Floene, the largest gas distribution operator in Portugal, has joined Nova SBE Executive Education for a training program totally designed to meet the company's current challenges and aimed at the organization's front-line directors.

The ARC Leader program - Audacity, Respect, and Collaboration, which had ten sessions between September and December, had as its main objective the preparation of leaderships for the future and the creation of an environment conducive to the development of a culture of adaptability and innovation.

"We believe that the ARC Leader program - Audacity, Respect and Collaboration, designed for Floene, had a very positive result, due to its ability to create greater interaction, complicity and mutual help spirit, in a team that has to transform society and the energy sector," said CEO, Gabriel Nuno Charrua de Sousa.

The partnership between the Nova SBE's executive education and Floene was also an asset in the brand rebranding process, and the training was specially designed to meet the challenges that this transition process required.

"The transformation process that Floene is going through, due to its autonomy, makes the context very specific. That's why it made a lot of sense for us to have a customized and specialized program," he added, stressing that, alongside Nova SBE, "we believed from the start that we were working with one of the best institutions in the country, with recognized merit. It is also an example that Floene, in whatever it does, wants to do the best. Therefore, having the best partners is also one of our bets from the beginning.

In addition to a portfolio with over 40 open programs, Nova SBE Executive Education develops and implements customized programs for corporate partners. These solutions are usually created together with the company to better meet its challenges. Learn more about our customized solutions here.

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