The Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem has created a unique way to give participants the opportunity to broaden their horizons and get to know some of the best practices in the market. The "business safaris" promise to provide practical knowledge and facilitate networking.

A business safari is a program that allows one or more visits to various locations, so that participants can come into contact with the "habitat" of different "species", meaning that they will have the opportunity to get to know organizations that are different from their own. For example, if they belong to large companies, they may benefit from getting to know the environment of a start-up, allowing for exchanges of experiences and new learning. In keeping with the true spirit of a "safari", these trips are also made in Jeeps.

The interactivity promoted, the sharing, the growth and contact, as well as the acquisition of new tools and learning and networking are some of the added values of this "expedition".

"As sharing information about the business and production process is one of the pillars of our brand, this day was fantastic and gave the possibility to deepen these topics, having been constantly challenged to better explain the business model and value proposition of what we do," commented Pedro Palha, co-founder of ISTO, when asked about the program.
"It was great to be able to represent GoWizi in this initiative," said Rui Mirra Santos, co-founder of the company. "First, I want to stress the importance of creating a strong connection between universities, large companies and smaller organizations to cultivate an environment in which innovation can flourish. It was amazing to witness this exchange of ideas and knowledge between the different stakehoders. Participants shared their knowledge and experience and it was clear that everyone was passionate about making innovation evolve."

The whole program is always validated by the companies themselves, according to their needs, such as acquiring best practices in sales, business models, support tools, marketing, and business development, among others.

Sumol Compal, Auchan (digital), Sonae, and MSD are some of the organizations that have already embarked on past editions of this business adventure.

"It was a pleasure to welcome the teams from Nova SBE and SONAE to our micro-fulfillment center in Bairro and share their vision about the future of consumer interaction. During the visit, there was a dynamic and pleasant sharing of knowledge with the group about process automation and e-commerce. The exchange revealed several relevant issues and ideas that we hope were a breath of fresh air and inspiration for creating innovative projects with impact. We are excited to continue hosting more groups and grow together!" said Milana Dovzhenko, co-founder of Bairro.

Learn more about the Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem business safaris here.

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