The latest session of the CEO Council - an initiative that aims to bring together leaders from various companies to reflect on the legacy they intend to leave on some of the most pressing challenges of the future, for their organisations, and society - took place this Thursday, at the Nova School of Business & Economics' (Nova SBE) Carcavelos campus, and was attended by nearly 50 CEOs from national and international organisations.


The event with Unipartner's partnership also had a session about the book "The Human Element", by David Schonthal, professor at Kellogg School of Management, in the USA, who spoke during the networking session.

"As we are corporate partners of Nova SBE, we came to the conclusion that it made perfect sense to bring David Schonthal for a moment of reflection," explained Fernando Reino da Costa, Unipartner's CEO. "I think CEOS are all running around a lot on a daily basis. I know well the challenges we have and I think this moment to be with peers is essential to discuss, reflect, and bring food for thought, as we usually say, to then be applied in practice."

This is one of the major goals of the initiative, which focuses, above all, on topics such as leadership and sustainability - two of the biggest challenges that companies face today.

"The CEO Council is wrapping up its first year. We had a lot of discussions that I think are important, about how leaders and elites in our society find new solutions to bring hope and optimism back to people," said Daniel Tra├ža, Dean of Nova SBE.

"This initiative arises from what is the spirit of Nova SBE - the will to create an impact on society, internationally and in Portugal. This is done with the students we prepare, with the research we do, but also through the way we dedicate ourselves to society. Therefore, bringing together some of the most important CEOs in Portugal, talking to them about topics that are relevant, helping them reflect on how they themselves can impact society in a positive way is part of our mission as a school. Our expectation is that by talking about important topics, CEOs will reach out to their companies and that this will have an effect on the way they manage, the impact they create, and how they relate to society.

The CEO Council also has a strong networking component, so that participants can find solutions to common challenges. These moments include lectures with renowned experts in critical areas for business and a debrief dinner.

"The ability to talk to this group of people is spectacular. The guest professors who have been coming are a huge asset. It has been very enriching. These kinds of initiatives make us stop for a moment and think about issues that are not so evident and bring value, making us reflect on the way we act every day. It's moments like these that provide a break, an introspection, to try to be better," said Nuno Luz, Fnac Portugal's CEO.
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