Nova SBE Executive Education joins Lisbon's new immersive show - "The Death of the Crow" - as Knowledge Partner. The result? A disruptive partnership that will work as an icebreaker and relationship accelerator.

Imagine a space with more than 2 thousand m2 that transports you in rapid seconds to the Lisbon of the 1920s. Add to this scenario an enigmatic narrative and environment, painted by characters that express themselves through body language and choreographed movement. This is how "The Death of the Raven" comes to us, an immersive show about the death of Fernando Pessoa, after his life intersects with Edgar Allan Poe's, who invites him to translate his emblematic work "The Raven".

But what role does Nova SBE Executive Education play in this "anticipated funeral of one of the greatest poets of all time"? As of January 13, the premiere date, we are officially Knowledge Partners of the House of Neverless. This way, the immersive experience of "The Death of the Raven" will not only be a luxurious and innovative show, but will also motivate learning and training moments.

This play is a disruptive element that acts as an icebreaker and relationship accelerator. It is the starting point for the participants' learning journey, so it makes perfect sense to include this experience in executive training programs, whether in customized national and international programs or in a selection of open programs.

From debrief sessions to immersive workshops, this partnership will be delivered by Nova SBE Executive Education's outstanding faculty, offering its participants high-quality training and tools that will evolve their skills and positively impact their professional reality.

Click here to learn more about the immersive show
"The Death of the Raven"
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