In times of uncertainty and transformation, the best strategy is to anticipate scenarios and embrace change. Prepare for tomorrow, now: invest in the future by investing in training.

If you own an SME, get to know the portfolio that Nova SBE Executive Education has put together, especially dedicated to the challenges you face:

Inhabiting the digital world is a must of the 'new normal', especially in times of pandemic. However, this transition is not always easy.

It was with the challenge of survival and success in an increasingly digital market in mind that Nova SBE Executive Education created this program. In a short and intensive format, it focuses on mapping the present and future digital transformation of organisations.

In addition to learning about best practices from leading companies, attendees will have premium access to one of the largest Digital Transformation & IT events in Portugal.

Learn more about the programme here.

Managing budgets is an important task for any manager, but it can be a real challenge. This programme clarifies how the budget is linked to the strategic plan and how to anticipate potential performance problems.

This intensive training This Nova SBE Executive Education programme is specially addressed to managers of SMEs and start-ups and focuses on two aspects: planning and budgeting.

Get to know the dates and full programme.

When family and business meet the result is often a complex and powerful combination, but it can present challenges. The solution, however, is not to get the family out of the business. Rather, success is about creating competitive advantages that businesses without family influence are unlikely to replicate.

For this executive training of Nova SBE, we recommend the participation of at least two members of the same family. This way, the family "team" will better absorb the learning and it will be easier to apply it on a daily basis.

Find out more here.

Understanding the basic principles of finance is always an asset for managers working in non-financial areas. The training aims to uncomplicate concepts and provide literacy in the area, essential for the activity of a non-financial manager.

Over three weekly blocks, the programme transmits the elementary concepts and tools of financial management, enabling participants to apply them immediately in their professional life.

Get to know the whole programme.

With the boom in competition in all market sectors, there is an urgent need to rethink sales strategies. Under this motto, the programme Customer Business Developmentto provide an up-to-date insight into impactful sales strategies and deliver rapid growth to organisations.

In this short intensive course, participants will learn how to sell more and better, taking into account current market trends.

Get to know the complete program.


Get to know all Nova SBE Executive Education offers and build your own training calendar for 2021.

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