Ready to learn more about leadership? Refresh your knowledge and get inspired with some books by our teachers and experts. We leave you with five reading suggestions, so that you can delve deeper into the topic and the challenges that leaders face today and that they will face in the future.

Leading in the New Normal - Miguel Pina e Cunha and Arm├ęnio Rego

Despite the return to "normality", it is impossible to forget the pandemic and the impact it had on the way we work. This crisis was not the first, nor will it be the last, and the next one may occur in the next century, or tomorrow.

Learn how to become a better leader by drawing inspiration from historical wisdom and experience, and find out what trends might affect the future of leadership - have you thought about what will happen to the office or the challenges of remote working?


How to Lead Family Businesses - Lu├şs Dias da Cunha, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Arm├ęnio Rego and Filipe S. Fernandes

How do you fire an incompetent son? How do you remove from the board the father or grandfather who created a successful business but is no longer up to the job? Dilemmas of this kind are typical of family businesses which, despite competing in the market with all the others, are governed by different rules.

Learn how to balance feelings and business rationality, learning from illustrative stories lived in domestic and foreign companies.


The Age of Superhumans - Paula Marques and Ricardo Cayolla

If you like topics like technology, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics, this is a book that will make you think about what the future of working side by side with machines will look like. "The Age of Superhumans" asks the big questions that unsettle us today about the difference between humans and robots. After centuries of trying to be robots and competing with machines, the Age has finally arrived when the best strategy is to invest in the radical development of everything that makes us powerfully human.


The Future is Today - Pedro Brito, Miguel Pina Martins, Rui Miguel Nabeiro, Nuno Ferreira Pires, Sofia Tenreiro, Lu├şs Matos Martins, Jos├ę Costa Rodrigues, Sara do ├ô, Rita Serrabulho, Gon├žalo Matias, Filipa Mu├▒oz de Oliveira, Bruno Mota, Paulo Andrez, Diogo da Silveira, Rui Paiva and Rui Hortel├úo

How can leaders contribute to improve economic and social conditions in the country? This book aims to grant the reader a new vision for Portugal, focused on quality and innovation, delivering concrete proposals for effective changes and feasible solutions, for truly transformative reforms.



The Paradox of Choice - Barry Schwartz

One of the great responsibilities of leaders is the ability to make the right decisions. However, the complexity of the world we inhabit today turns decision making into an increasingly complex thing.

Find out why you feel increasingly frustrated with your choices, what factors affect it and how to counteract this cycle so that you can live with more satisfaction.

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