CIP - Confedera├ž├úo Empresarial de Portugal closed the 2nd Edition of the Promova Project, an executive program aimed at women, with a personalised support component for their personal and professional development, on July 1st, at Nova SBE, in Carcavelos. The program has the goal to promote female talents with leadership potential to top management positions in companies.

The second edition of this project had a direct effect on the professional lives of the participants, who came from 20 different companies - 41% of the participants have been promoted so far.

The second edition also had around 30 participants. In addition to classroom training, the project included other equally important and essential activities for the professional development of the participants, such as personalised coaching, mentoring, and networking, with the aim of facilitating women's access to traditionally male professional networks and contributing to a change in organisational culture.

In the Portuguese business universe, women already represent about 42% of the workforce, but only occupy 30% of management positions and 27% of leadership positions, according to data from March 2022 (D&B Informa). This is the current scenario that the Promova project aims to change and balance, promoting gender equality in the access to senior management positions in private organisations, and thus contribute to increasing the presence of women in Portuguese business activity, in management positions of greater responsibility. With this project, CIP joins the effort that has to be made so that companies and society in general, benefit from the diversity of perspectives in the strategic decision-making of companies.

The event was attended by Carla Sequeira (CIP), Leonor Cola├žo (Nova SBE), and Mariana Canto e Castro (Randstad).

The second edition of the Promova project was sponsored by Randstad, ANA Aeroportos, EDP and Sonae.

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