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ChatGPT in the business world: from experimentation to competitive advantage

Much has been said about how ChatGPT will change the labor market, but little about how it can be used to leverage business and create competitive advantages. Tiago Godinho, Head of the Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab, explains how this technology (and others) is being used in organizations and what the next steps are to reap its benefits.
Digital & Technology

Web3.0: what role do I want to play in this new chapter of Internet history?

Over the nearly 40 years since its official birth date, the Internet has undergone several evolutions. Distributed ledger technologies - of which blockchain is perhaps the best known - have made it possible to envision a new model of the internet: web 3.0. In this model, companies and people become "co-owners" of the web. What implications will this new paradigm have for incumbents and what opportunities will it bring for the average user?
Digital & Technology

Tiago Godinho: "The State has a means of proximity in the digital"

Tiago Godinho, head of the Digital Experience Lab at Nova SBE, explained to Executive IT the role of academia and the way technology is shaping the world around us.
Digital & Technology

SMEs: How to achieve the potential for the digital transformation in these businesses?

Tiago Godinho, Head of the Digital Experience Lab at Nova SBE, explains which are the biggest obstacles to the digital transition in small and medium-sized companies, and what is the key to trigger the transformation process.

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