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Pedro Neves

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Humor in Leadership: Does leader humor style matter and to whom?

Pedro Neves, Professor at Nova SBE, explains how humour can be used as a management tool and who are the employees that most benefit or are harmed by this technique.
Leadership & People

On the lack of ethics

It is increasingly difficult to ignore the ethical scandals that are continually being uncovered and presented in the media.
Leadership & People

Anticipating the future: leading for change

The high failure rate of change efforts - usually around two thirds - has motivated researchers and managers to pay increasing attention to change management. As this is a worrying statistic, several studies have been conducted since the 1990s only to find that this ratio, despite numerous efforts, persists.
Leadership & People

Christmas in the company

We've already reached December and the spirit of the Christmas season is visible everywhere, including many offices.
Leadership & People

Dreaming about holidays increases happiness in the workplace

We've reached that time of year when, as a general rule, people only think about holidays. This anticipation is usually loaded with positive expectations and as such, it brings us wellbeing and leaves us with a smile on our face - we often even focus more on work and are able to find the extra energy to ensure that when the time comes to go on holiday, we leave everything sorted and tidy. What you may not have known is that planning and anticipating holidays brings more wellbeing than the holiday itself.
Leadership & People

Traps in talent management

Nowadays no one disputes the idea that managing always involves managing people - and that a substantial part of the challenges faced by managers is related to the difficulties of managing different personalities, ways of being, visions and values, managing to maximise and leverage the available talent. But managing talent is not an easy task.

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