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What if Frida Kahlo and Picasso hadn't gotten bored?

In a world of endless and constant stimuli, are we really reaching the peak of our creativity? Paula Maio Marques, Director for Business Transformation at Nova SBE Executive Education, explains how a set of creativity-related genes saved us from extinction and how boredom is essential for activating this core human competence.
Leadership & People

Half a bread and a book

Paula Marques explains why universal access to education is fundamental to "create free-thinking humans, really capable of understanding human values such as justice, freedom, democracy, love, honesty, dignity, compassion, courage, friendship, loyalty, respect, generosity, kindness".
Leadership & People

Mirror, mirror on the wall... is there anyone who thinks better than me?

Of all the wonderful things we are taught throughout our lives, why aren't we also taught to think? Is it because it is believed that we will learn to think, naturally, like breathing? Or by imitating others, like pressing the buttons of a shirt? But how do others think so well? Did someone, before, teach them how to think?
Innovation & Change

Reinventing the way we innovate

If we analyse the most creative ideas in the history of humanity, we can see that they are ideas that were born from a combination of realities that already existed. Paula Marques explains why.

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