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José Tavares

Finance & Economics

Managers in crisis: the advantage of inexperience

Based on the performance of Portuguese companies during the sovereign debt crisis, we find that newly hired managers have become relatively more effective in achieving better performance for the companies. When compared to managers who have been with the organisation longer, newly hired managers outperform by around 18 per cent, both in terms of total sales and value added.

Three point what? On the dialogue between Culture and Economy

There is a simple magic in organising the technological stages in numerals followed by a zero point. The zero point signals change and new beginnings. This simplifying algebra was applied by Pier Luigi Sacco to the evolution of culture, in its relationship with society. In the abstract, culture is individualistic, ascetic, and absolutely spontaneous. But as a social phenomenon, culture transforms society and at the same time reflects the transformations of politics, economics and technology. So let us simplify.

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