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Ant贸nio Alvarenga

Digital & Technology

Scenarios and the future of cyberspace - the cybersecurity challenge

What if, in the future, there is no difference between virtual and real? Ant贸nio Alvarenga, professor, international consultant, and expert in the area of Scenarios/Foresight, explores this possible scenario and some of its implications in cybersecurity.

Scenarios and the future of Tourism in Portugal

Professor Ant贸nio Alvarenga explains why the construction and use of Scenarios (Scenario Planning & Thinking) is important for decision making and how this technique can help to avoid crises in the tourism sector.
Business & Strategy

Scenarios and Foresight: what do you explore when you explore the future?

In a context of accelerated transformation it is not enough to "understand a lot about my business". It is increasingly important to understand the world around us and how changes in this world can constitute risks or opportunities for the project at hand.

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