"Everybody has a story and you should never underestimate what's going on in other people's lives," said Terry Hamill, specialist in Education, Leadership and Human Potential at SingularityU Portugal. Storytelling can be difficult, but it is often an avenue for improving leadership and paving the way for networking in your organisation.

erry Hamill assures us that when working with businesses it's easy to see that by ┬źallowing themselves to open up a little and share their particular journey or story, people instantly connect┬╗.

┬źI delight in telling my story, because I come from a reality where there were no opportunities, where I had some bad times as a child..., but I don't dwell on it - I use that power to change the world.┬╗

The SingularityU Portugal specialist adds that we have already entered a new paradigm of leadership, in which empathy is at the centre: it is through the leader's passion and sharing that it becomes possible to have many followers.

┬źIf you want to build good teams, that care for you and who work without you having to be there, that's where you need to be an empathetic leader who creates connection,┬╗┬áhe said, adding that telling a story helps you understand the context and to build trust. Therefore, the ability to listen and understand is also essential.

Telling a story can also be a good way to share purpose with others. For Terry, his purpose became clear at the age of 43:

┬źI found that I wanted to positively affect the lives of young people. I have a purpose: I want to support a billion young lives, I want to stop abuse in the world. I realised that that cause and purpose is so strong for me that everything I do in the future has to be related to this.┬╗

Learn about Terry Hamill's incredible story and how he uses it to change the world:

Did you already know our speaker? Terry Hamill is a specialist in Education, Leadership and Human Potential, belonging to the teaching staff of Singularity University Portugal. He is a visionary and entrepreneur, with over 30 years of experience in business leadership.

Terry is an inspirational motivational communicator and has lectured in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa. He is avowedly passionate about education and entrepreneurship.

He is also a professor at NOVA SBE, teaching the secrets of networking to Master's students. Co-founded The Brave Generation Entrepreneurs Club for children, with partner Tim Vieira, with the aim of inspiring young people to follow their dreams with confidence.

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