The rain cleared up in time for a small group of space nerds to say goodbye to the coastline of Carcavelos and get on a bus to drive to Lisbon. Today, on the final day of module 1, we had the honor of visiting Deimos and Luso Space.

Deimos Engineering has been delivering advanced design solutions and disruptive operating systems since 2002. This company focuses on engineering systems, ground segment, mission analysis and on-board software solution design, as well as satellite integration, in the areas of science and exploration, satellite navigation, ground observation, space situational awareness and launch software.

We were shown devices that can help measure and track ocean currents, and I learned that there are currently no satellite missions measuring these currents, so these bright yellow balls (pictured) provide a lot of important data for scientists and governments!

At Luso Space, we were greeted by the CEO, Ivo Yves Vieira. Luso Space also had its start in 2002 and is a high-tech engineering solutions company, with a multidisciplinary team that designs, develops, creates prototypes, integrates and tests advanced technological systems and components.

The first product that Luso Space created was the magnometer. Magnometers are a kind of space compass that allow us to orient and monitor the position of satellites in real time by calculating the magnetic field. Luso Space supplies this technology to several ESA (European Space Agency) missions.

My key takeaway for today was how augmented reality can be used to make manufacturing and assembly more efficient, clean, and controlled. Through augmented reality there is no need for physical checklists and instructu├şons and there is an opportunity to have direct quality control by recording the processes being undertaken. During our visit at Luso Space we actually got to try the augmented reality (or actually the mixed reality) headset which was AMAZING!

Throughout the day people started to head off with flights to catch and appointments to keep. Outside of Luso Space we all said goodbye, already greatly anticipating the third and final module in October. I cannot wait to see these amazing people again soon.

Yesterday we got a glimpse of what our week in Rotterdam will be like ÔÇô all I can say is┬ástay tuned!



This text was first published in SpaceWatch.Global - read the original article here. Get to know how Chiara Moenter's third day went on the Carcavelos campus

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