When my family moved to Portugal in September of 2013 from the UK, I knew nothing about wine and in fact had never really understood the difference between reds and whites. I would stay with what I knew, beer… 

Portugal has such a deep history of wine producing and family stories that brings to life the individual flavour, that depends on where the grapes were formed and the work behind the scenes to produce its rich narrative. 

One of my first experiences with my family was to experience a wine tasting and grape crushing day. We talk about this special moment even until today. The understanding of the way wines was formed, the seasons and the maturity of grapes, allow us to enhance our wine experience, by matching certain wines with food giving you a second level of information putting you in the driving seat at a dinner.

Networking and wine are such a natural combination, yet we may miss some small details. Such as what is your knowledge of wine, the stories we share bring together the construct and the regions where wine are produced.

You always wanted to be that person who could read a wine menu like a pro. It’s the same with networking, when you know how to make the event natural people love to be around you.

What has wine got to do with networking? Everything… The moment you take your first sip of wine the mood changes. Great networkers know how to balance the mood of the room, not too strong and not to weak. Like wine, we create an ambiance where people feel free to open their hearts which creates deeper understanding of each other. It’s all about people and stories.

What will be your story in this wine journey? Can you imagine delivering a talk on wine, giving a tasting at your home, gathering friends challenging them to bring their favourite wine and sharing their personal connection to the wine and its heritage?

Setting the scene is the same as the preparation of the final glass - your audience must be the right blend just like the grapes. Remember a sour grape or a sour person can ruin the experience for everyone. Rushing in to make a wine can be a disaster. Same with networking, invitations are well thought through. The room setting, the music, the paired food are all elements to leave the audience with emotions on high.

I was fortunate to bring the world’s largest networking organisation BNI to Portugal in 2003 starting in Porto. Now with thousands of members in every main town across the country we know how to create networking events. They start as business events but ultimately, they are friends and family building relationships.

Your mother told you never to talk to strangers, GET OVER IT. Start your story with the W.I.N.E. course and start to construct the perfect event that gives you the result you want.

Fun, sharing, collaboration - there is no better way to blend networking and wine. I look forward to kickstarting Nova SBE’s first ever wine course with the amazing family of Sogrape.

So…who will be in your wine story?

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