Are you one of those bosses who asks to be on cc in every email? Do you constantly request updates from your team? Do you avoid delegating tasks? If your answer was yes to one or all of these questions, then you're probably a micromanager. Learn about the barriers micromanagement can put in front of your business and learn how to overcome them with these seven tips.

any employee works better under such close scrutiny. A recent study by Harvey Chambers found that 79% of employees surveyed had experienced some form of micromanagement from their bosses, and of these, 70% had considered resigning as a result. The remaining 30% actually did so.

The task of delegating work is often difficult, and you may even think that being involved in your employees' tasks translates into greater support, but the result tends to be the opposite. Micromanagement is often embodied by other workers as a lack of confidence in their skills, inflexibility and castration of creativity and efficiency. The next time you feel the urge to micromanage every task in your organisation, remember: there's a reason you put together a team, with a certain profile.

If you are ready to rethink this leadership style, which could even be fatal for your business, follow the recommendations I leave in the video below:





This is the fifth video in a series dedicated to personal growth. This project is part of the Adam's Choicewhich is intrinsically linked to the concept of Choosenology. Each participant is taught about the impact of the decision-making process, reflecting on their individuality and gaining self-awareness on a unique and transformative journey of growth.

Coaching has been gaining a central importance in the personal and work field, and is an integral part of the journey of the Adam's Choiceprogramme at Nova SBE Executive Education. This programme provides participants with a unique learning experience and gives them the opportunity to develop more holistically, encompassing body, mind and spirit, addressing the six dimensions of the National Institute of Well-Being (emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and occupational).

It is in the transformation and growth phase that participants receive practical tools to apply in their daily lives. Aiming to present differentiated ways of learning, Patr├şcia Guerreiro, one of the executive coaches at Adam's Choice, shares "Tips and Tricks" with the participants, in the form of videos lasting between 5 and 8 minutes. This content, shared on a weekly basis, aims to address the struggles that the participants themselves share in the individual sessions.

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